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Why You Should Be Using Video on Social Media

Using video on social media might sound like a complicated business, but actually it couldn’t be simpler. Video is a great way to immediately give your business a friendly face and all you need is a smart phone to get started.

Due to COVID-19 and the social isolating measures in place, we’re now spending more time than ever online. For many of us, video has become our one link to the outside world - be it friends, family or colleagues. Due to social distancing, people are craving human interaction and that includes the businesses they’re buying from.

Video gives your business a human face

Using video on social media is an instant way to show your followers and customers the human face behind your business. You are not an android, you are actually a real person - who knew?! Videos immediately add a feeling of humanity and connection to your social media, especially if they feature your face and voice. In just a 10 second video, you can establish a bond with your customers that could take months to build through normal photo posts.

Be personable

With this in mind, try to be as personable as possible in your video content. Smile into the camera and be upbeat. Pay attention to the tone of your voice - try to add intonation and inflections to make your words more meaningful and easier to follow.

You might like to talk your followers through some of your favourite products or a project you’re working on at the moment. Your videos don’t need to be too long, as long as they are clear, friendly and enjoyable to watch! Don’t forget to also add a call to action at the end - tell your viewers where they can find out more about your business or purchase the products!

Catch people’s attention

As well as giving your business a more personal touch, video is also crucial for getting your brand noticed on social media. A moving picture is much more likely to catch someone’s eye when they’re scrolling through their feed compared to a still image. It is also easier for your audience to consume information through a video, rather than trying to present them with a big block of text. This helps you get your message across more effectively.

Make use of technology

There are plenty of apps that make recording and editing videos really easy, so you can shoot good quality videos using just a smart phone. Our favourites include BigVu, which helps you record videos easily, as well as editing the video to include music, pop-ups and more. You can also record videos for your Instagram stories instantly, using the in-app feature.

Whatever program you decide to use, just make sure that you shoot your videos in good lighting and try to avoid too much shakiness. You might want to use a stand to help you hold your phone steady.

It’s not as daunting as it seems!

The idea of recording yourself talking can seem like a scary prospect but it’s actually not too difficult once you give it a go! We’re not suggesting you launch into live video immediately, get started with a pre-recorded video first and see how you get on. You can do as many takes as you need, but keep in mind that the aim is to show the person or people behind your business, so it doesn’t need to be super polished. Just remember to smile!

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